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Registration on my site is absolutely free. By downloading mobile apps, you can complete your subscription through the app. Once you have entered your username, password and e-mail address, you can register. You can also register with Facebook. A valid e-mail address should be saved in the system to benefit from support services such as password reminder mail.

  Change username:

Once the username is created, it can not be changed again. Each user has a different user name and a specific connection to this user.

  Change Password:

You can change the password in the ‘Change Password’ tab in the Settings tab of the application screens. The encrypted text must consist of at least 6 characters. You must have at least one letter and one digit in your password.

  Password forgotten or username:

If you forget your password, your email address will be your username and your password reset link will come up. You can create a new password by pressing the password reset link.

  How to change profile photo:

Your Facebook profile photo will automatically appear in the app when you connect to the app via Facebook. To change a photo, you can load your new photo from the section on the profile tab.

  Do not talk to friends:

In practice, when you share the link we have created for you in your social media accounts, your friends can start talking to you by clicking on that link. When your friends talk to you, they will be called anonymous and you will not know who they are. Also, friends who know your username can find you using the search field on the mixed screen.

Cancel membership:

In practice, you can use the nearest tab in the Settings section. You can close your profile by publishing your profile. If you want to activate later, you can login to your system with your username / password

Things to do to appear in the mixed area:

If you do not want it to appear in the Shuffle list, you can turn off the ‘Show in Profile Shuffle’ button in Settings.

  Do not show my profile in the Shuffle field on the first page:

With Shuffle Promote you can get more messages by seeing your profile on Shuffle!

  Filtration feature:

It helps you find people easier. You can filter by gender, age, distance, and online status.

  Plus badge:

Your account will get more attention with your badge to be added to your account.

  Remove ads:

Plus, when you get plus membership, you will not see ads in practice.

Plus support: support team with Plus support can immediately ask questions and get answers first.

  Plus membership removal:

You can cancel your subscriptions by entering them in the App Store or the Play Store.

  Block a message sender:

If you do not want a user to send you messages, you can say ‘block user’ from that user’s profile.

Saving your profiles:

Then you can talk again using the ‘Follow me’ tab on the profile pages of the users you want to follow. Anonymous accounts can not be tracked.

  See your followers:

In your profile, you can only see how many people follow you. We do not share the list of followers because it affects anonymity.

  Seeing the old talk:

When you sign out, your old messages will be deleted when you uninstall and reinstall the app. It is not possible to reach old messages. Registration Registration

 If message notifications do not arrive, here’s what to do:

You should make sure that notifications are turned on both in the application and in your phone’s settings.

 If a notification comes in, if no messages arrive:

When you switch the application off and on, your anon connection changes. If you have already sent an anon, if you have sent a message when you change your anon connection, the message will not appear even if the notification is received.

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