Let’s Take a Look at Access Rates on Facebook Pages

Let’s Take a Look at Access Rates on Facebook Pages

    As you know, Facebook has thousands and even hundreds of thousands of pages, and if we can not deny that fact, we can say that the pages are really empty. In this context, the Facebook management has taken a decision and a new algorithm has been launched for pages such as users getting rid of boring pages. The management, understanding that Facebook is not popular on Facebook, will put the necessary punishment for these pages and the new algorithm for finding those pages seems quite extensive and comprehensive. It will cancel pages that are not popular.

For example, if a page contains an article (such as), the page is transferred to the quarantine and if the user is pleased or liked, the page will be closed or disabled under the new penal code. for a while. Another example is “from Turkey”, brings together a group picture of a team official triple: “Galatasaray (Fenerbahce (Share), as Besiktas (Commentary)) pages in a content will be subject to penalties. lead make

Facebook has developed a scanning software for such images, which can be difficult. Facebook reports, ie users’ complaints, will act to determine these pages. Facebook has representatives from almost every country in the world, so our country will see how it works. The goal of Facebook is to remove spam pages, unnecessary or complaints, pages that do not appeal to users. In the coming days, page managers need to be more careful. Shares and labels need attention.

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